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North by Northwestern

Spring 2018


Referral to nowhere

Morty once said that CAPS gets all the funding it will ever need, so why aren’t students getting the treatment that they deserve?


Tinted windows

NUPD is far from transparent, but they don’t have to be - they're a private entity.


Medill's Justice Problem

In February, ten women alleged misconduct by the director of The Medill Justice Project. They weren’t the first.


Scramblin' up success

This cozy cafe offers more than ambiance.

DIY Duchess

How to become Meghan Markle in five easy steps.

A lot on my plate

One NBN writer shares her favorite underrated Evanston eats.


What the flock?

Grab your binoculars, because bird is the word.


Something's fishy

If you were ever wondering how that salmon swam to Sargent, here’s a hint: unsustainably.


The predictive power of Dillo

We knew nobody else would take the time to do this, so here’s the data analysis of your dreams.

Dance Floor

The gentrification generation

Broke post-grads are elbowing long-time residents out of Chicago communities.

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Minnesota nice

Minneapolis and St. Paul offer Northwestern students two cities for the price of one.

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Moving from a rural town to Evanston’s liberal bubble doesn’t shield you from slurs.

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All abroad!

Escaping Evanston on a budget is daunting, but far from impossible.

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Rein’s pop culture reign

Five decades later, Irving Rein is still teaching the same class – with a little help from his friends.

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A little Christ with your coffee

The covert Christianity behind your North Campus caffeine fix.

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Heart on my sleeve

Students share the clothes that speak to who they are.

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NU phone home

The true story of a Northwestern professor who moonlighted as a famous UFOlogist.

The campaign kids

Ever wondered what the kid who raises his hand in every Poli Sci class does in his spare time?


Skeletons in the archives

Here are some historical student actions the University hasn’t co-opted yet.


Tribadism troubles

What to do when you scrape the bottom of the eligible NU bachelorette barrel.