“Fashion knows no gender.”

- Elijah Warfield, Communication ‘19

“When I was in middle school, my friends and I were really bad and we would shoplift all the time, and these [rings] were the first things that we ever shoplifted.”

- Jamaica Ponder, Medill ‘21

“I always try to find stuff with pockets cause I think I’m usually really frustrated when women’s clothing doesn’t have pockets. It’s like they want us to not be functional. This kind of went to the extreme where every single patch on this is a pocket.”

- Florence Fu, Medill ‘18

“When my friend came, we went to this thrift store in Argyle, and he thrifted this jacket. He could tell that I wanted it more than he did. He conveniently left it at my place when he went back to New Jersey, so it’s sort of mine now.”

- Marie Mendoza, Medill ‘21

“It’s a gift from one of my best friends when I was in UWC Costa Rica. This is one of her most favorite clothing items at that time. Before we left, like before the graduation day, she just came to me and she said, ‘I just want to give this to you, because apparently you love it a lot.’”

- Vy Duong, Medill ‘21

Tsapayi on his purse chain: “A big part of [coming into my style] was like being flamboyant and being extra but with the materials I already had available to me, if that makes sense, you know? That’s what I’m trying to do in my life – use what you have to make something very cool. You don’t need to go out and shop for the best when it’s right there in an unexpected place.”

- Rory Tsapayi, Medill ‘21

“I found these cool shoes. I’ve never seen ones like them.”

- Nicole Andonova, WCAS ‘21

“My boyfriend got me this necklace for Valentine’s Day. It has a moon on it that’s the same phase as the moon on the date that we started dating, and it glows in the dark.”

- Avery Van Etten, Medill ‘21

“I got these a few years ago when I was starting to take improv classes. They’ve just kind of turned into my lucky shoes because when I’ve performed with them, it’s gone well.”

- Mahito Indi Henderson, Communication ‘20