“Currently, I’m on my big concert season. Over the next five months I’ll be going to 19 concerts and all four days of Lolla. I saw [Young The Giant] at Lolla two years ago and I will be seeing them in June and July.”

Jazib Gohar, Weinberg sophomore

“My friend Shruti (far right) and I (center) discovered Bastille while listening to the British radio show ‘The Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw’ on BBC Radio 1 in the summer before senior year of high school, and they’ve been my favorite band ever since. A group of us went to their concert in the House of Blues in Houston during their first U.S. tour.”

Ogey Ibik, Weinberg sophomore

“I have been to a million and one concerts, but The Killers concert was my very first. To this day, they were still one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and they got me addicted to concerts, and music in general, for the rest of my life.”

Sydney Lindsey, Weinberg senior