North by Northwestern

Spring 2016


Fallen & forgotten

Football player Rashidi Wheeler died during practice 15 years ago. But no one knows his story.


Access as an afterthought

Over two decades after the ADA, students with physical disabilities still face structural barriers.


Lost in transition

Dealing with mental health becomes even more challenging during off-campus programs.


Great graduates

Warning: article may cause inferiority complex.

Northwestern always has a brilliant graduating class, so we thought we’d put a few in the spotlight.


To whom it may concern

RE: Email etiquette questions answered.

As a Northwestern student, you’re probably an email expert – or so you think.

As a communication method, email has an unenviable downside: There’s no immediate feedback.

NU Professors gave us their best tips and tricks for crafting the perfect message and shared insights into what professors and employers hate the most.



A guide to the greatest grains in Evanston.


Book & mortar

A local bookstore works to keep Evanston’s literary community alive.


Crossing borders

Students connect to refugees through the Syrian Community Network.


Bloody hell

Menstrual hygiene products that won’t cramp your style.

The first time I got my period, I was at my friend’s bat mitzvah party.


Space oddities

Northwestern researchers explore the gut in zero-gravity.


Live from Evanston

One of the country’s first late-night college sketch shows finds its footing.


Playing past prejudice

Athletes explore racial identity as minorities in their sport.


Technical Difficulties

Growing interest in computer science strains department resources.

Computer science has exploded across all sectors of the economy, from Silicon Valley’s titans of tech to Wall Street and New York’s new media companies. Job-hungry students are streaming into Northwestern’s program faster than McCormick can manage.


Beyond the ballot box

International students follow the election cycle.

“Those [who live] outside of America want to believe in the freedom that America promises. It’s freedom, or the idea of it, that makes America great … not the ideas Trump promotes.”


A league of their own

Former Northwestern athletes fill first women’s semi-professional lacrosse league.

The first ever professional women’s lacrosse league, the United Women’s Lacrosse League (UWLX), will debut this summer, giving dozens more women the chance to continue playing the sport they love while opening new professional pathways for a generation of female athletes.


A cinematic shift

Student film crew explores untold Katrina narrative in New Orleans.

Moving continents is a gargantuan feat, an incremental process that takes millennia. Abstracting this process, Communication senior Olivia Peace wrote and directed the film Pangaea, exploring a young girl’s attempt to rationalize Hurricane Katrina.


High notes, high hopes

Wildcats take on the Lyric Opera of Chicago.


We accept euros

Al’s Deli brings a piece of Paris to Noyes Street.


Newsstand still standing

Eight decades of print at Chicago-Main.


'Cat tank

Entrepreneurs shine in NU Venture Challenge.


The Impossible Challenge

Inaugural competition aims to solve the world’s biggest problems.

The Impossible Challenge is just the first step or the “first-cut analysis” phase in Paul’s book. Students do not try to enact the plans, but instead analyze how likely they are to be implemented and how effective they would be by looking at economic, political, social and technological feasibility.


Do better, NU.

We gave Northwestern a few more accurate names.


T-shirt Groupies

These avid fans wear their hearts on their sleeves.


Thoughts from a townie

From Wildkit to Wildcat.

Four years ago, I walked the stage at Welsh-Ryan Arena as a member of Evanston Township High School’s Class of 2012. Four months later, I rode my bike to Bobb-McCulloch Hall while my parents lugged all of my shit in their station wagon.


Puppy love

Find your perfect canine match.

Forget Tinder guys – get your priorities straight. Dogs are the real companions we want to find. They are constantly happy, decrease people’s stress levels and will laugh (or bark or do nothing) at all your jokes. Humans are fickle. Dogs are forever!