North by Northwestern

| Fall 2016

Cover story

Skin deep

Cracking the foundations of white beauty.


A space of one's own

Thirty years later, what is the role of the Women’s Center at Northwestern?


Don't call it a d*rm

Northwestern’s housing system gets remodeled and revamped.


Do less, feel more

Three Northwestern activists share their unique and communal approaches to self-care.


Short circuit

Students of color challenge the status quo in STEM.


Big man on campus

Meet the high schooler living in Elder.

He shoots pool in our game rooms, sits in on our fireside chats and, astonishingly, eats in our dining halls.


Munched & mourned

A eulogy for Evanston's finest fallen restaurants.

NBN offers its condolences to the latest restaurants forced to skip town.


Farm or fiction?

Digging up the dirt on the Evanston Farmers' Market.


Changing courses

1625 Himan serves up a slice of Evanston food history.


It's not rocket science

Undergraduate research at NU isn't limited to the lab.


Reinventing the meal

The long and winding road to legalizing food trucks in Evanston.


Heaters gonna heat

Yes, it’s cold. Duh, you’re broke. NBN is here to help.


Evanston after dark

What happens after the sun sets over Evanston?


Subtle sexism

Female professors grapple with bias in CTECs.

While these evaluations may only be words, sexist remarks regarding a female professor’s voice, appearance or intelligence reflect the reality of an academic environment defined by masculinity – something professional women never quite escape.


Think outside the cubicles

Be more than a suit and tie this summer.

By April of this year, I still lacked concrete summer plans. The idea of pursuing agriculture floated around my head as a possibility, mostly as a romantic, vague notion. But pre-professional internships dominate Northwestern summer talk and loomed large as Something I Should Do.


Next steps

A walkthrough of what happens when you report sexual assault – or don’t.


Chak de! NU

Northwestern Club Cricket team creates a global community.


Immigrant Justice Project

Two peers come together to fight for immigrant rights.

“I feel that we are stronger as a community when we realize our strengths. They aren’t obstacles. they are what makes us us.”


Repaving Sherman Ave

The rise and fall and rise of a 'heinous' publication.


Core strength

Leigh Healey found more than physical fitness in bodybuilding.


Dear steamy loved one

A letter of love, lust, desire and sweat.


Portal to paradise

How I learned to stop worrying and love the butthole.