That Girl From Bobb (You Know The One)

HELP, MISSING BLACK JACKET! I think someone took my coat after raging at La Macc last night and I need to find it. I have never seen another coat like it in my life, so whoever took it clearly is out to get me. I don’t want to accuse another student of stealing, BUT there is no way they didn’t realize that this black North Face winter coat was my personal property. I promise I won’t press charges against who took it (even though my lawyer said I should). Please message me!

Pogo the Clown

Found wallet. Walking down Sheridan I spotted a leather wallet with the initials JWG on it. It didn’t have a WildCARD in it, but it did have a ton of vintage photos of young blond boys and some receipts from 1967-1969. There was some white face paint looking stuff on the outside as well as a couple dark brown stains on the inside. Let me know if this is yours!

Little Bird

Are you my mother? After speaking to multiple woodland creatures, I can’t seem to find my mother anywhere. She is tall, warm and smells like laundry. Please let me know if you see her. I need her to pay my tuition.