North by Northwestern

Winter 2017



NU students scramble to protect their contraceptive options in the shadow of Trump.


Started from the bottom

Northwestern has climbed its way from obscurity to no. 12 in the rankings. Here's how it happened.


Boxed out

Even at the most supportive schools, NCAA policies can make athletes feel powerless.


Examining sapphic sex

The traditional definitions of "sex" depends on heterosexuality and penises, so defining it without either is hard.


When you're not strong

Mental health issues make it hard enough to take care of yourself - let alone your friendships.


Ca$h flow

NBN follows the money of your profs' campaign contributions.

Thanks to the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, every time you donate to any political candidate or political action committee, the world will know about it.


Little shack of wonders

Dilapidated but beloved, Shanley Pavilion is home to countless student-run productions.

Shanley looks like it was abandoned years ago. It’s hard to believe that anything exciting has ever happened in such a dark and small place, yet it consistently hosts a constant rotation of fine arts performances.


Seabury, unburied

NBN explores the other seminary on Sheridan.

It was the seminary on Sheridan. No, not Garrett. The other one. The one across the street. The days of the Northwestern Fighting Methodists are long gone, but at 2122 Sheridan, a hidden theological past flickers on.


Sugar high

Chicago pastry chef Mindy Segal makes edibles for a refined palate.



Sheridan Road changes finally come after years of bureaucratic wrangling and a tragic accident.


Farming fix

Profesor Mercouri Kanatzidis wants to save the world - with fertilizer.


Rockin' Robyn

Meet your state representative.

On election night you could find Robyn Gabel in Nevin’s, eating fish and chips and getting ready to celebrate. Though things didn’t turn out the way she wanted with Trump's win, that just means her government work is far from over.

In her seven years in office, Gabel has focused on children and women’s rights, passing bills to ban teenagers from tanning beds, to promote the use of medical cannabis and to reduce nicotine poisoning in children from e-cigarette liquids. Under the new White House administration, Gabel looks forward to asserting states’ rights and making progressive change at home.


Poppin' Tags

Classy Closet owner Emanuel Wilder has taken a long and winding road to his current career.


Say it right

Students with non-Anglophone names all know the feeling.


From Bulldog to Wildcat

Evanston is a NU haven for Yale's outgoing dean, Jonathan Holloway.


Right-hand man

Outgoing provost Dan Linzer has left his mark on NU.


Back in the saddle

After a traumatic accident, Weinberg senior Catherine Tyree gets back in the ring and pursues her passion.


Art 101: Intro to ATP

NU's Art Theory and Practice department moves into new digs.


Practical pre-law

NU's mock trial team will see you in court.


Shallow roots

For some NU students, "home" is complicated.