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The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

West Fairchild is on South campus

11 minute walk to Tech

5 minute walk to Norris

1 minute walk to the Rock

30 singles

+ 38 doubles

+ 0 triples

106 residents

Size of a double: 14'6" by 11'7"

❌ Dining hall

✅ Air conditioning


West Fairchild (International Studies Residential College)
1861 Sheridan Road, Evanston IL
This South Campus residential college goes by many names: ISRC, International Studies Residential College, West Fairchild, Best Fairchild (if you ask a spirited ISRC resident), Worst Fairchild (if you ask a resident of its rival dorm, CRC/East Fairchild) and “What’s that?” (if you ask anyone who lives on North Campus, and probably a large percentage of South Campus residents too). Its naysayers say ISRC is a decrepit building with absurdly tiny rooms and an anti-social atmosphere, but many of its residents love the sense of community, suite/lounge setup and abundant free food. It may not be the dorm for hardcore partiers or aspiring frat stars, but if you’re looking for a small, quiet South Campus dorm with a gigantic pineapple mascot, it may be the place for you.