North by Northwestern + present
The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

Shepard Residential College is on South campus

13 minute walk to Tech

9 minute walk to Norris

5 minute walk to the Rock


+ doubles

+ 0 triples

74 residents

❌ Dining hall

✅ Air conditioning


Shepard Residential College at South Mid Quads
655 University Place
Similar to PARC, Shepard Residential College located in South Mid Quads reopened after extensive renovations during the 2014-2015 school year. A non-thematic residential college, Shepard attracts a diverse range of students who engage with faculty fellows. Shepard is also known for its longstanding rivalry with Willard Residential College, played out each year in the annual Woo-Shep Olympics. Shepard has a designated dining room in Allison and is located near downtown Evanston.