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The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

Goodrich is on North campus

3 minute walk to Tech

8 minute walk to Norris

8 minute walk to the Rock

30 singles

+ 2 doubles

+ triples

35 residents

❌ Dining hall

❌ Air conditioning


Goodrich House Residential Hall
2131 Sheridan Road
Goodrich House Residence Hall, one of Northwestern's smallest housing facilities not open to freshmen and is located in the fraternity quad. The dorm was recently renovated to include a new lounge, kitchen, pantry, laundry and community areas, in addition to suite-style living spaces. Goodrich is perfect for any student looking for a little peace and quiet, with almost all single rooms. Located on North Campus, Goodrich might be the perfect balance for a student looking to be close to the action in the fraternity quad, while still having their own private space that's quieter than Bobb or Elder.