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The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

East Fairchild is on South campus

12 minute walk to Tech

5 minute walk to Norris

2 minute walk to the Rock

31 singles

+ 39 doubles

+ 0 triples

109 residents

Size of a double: 14'6" by 11'7"

❌ Dining hall

✅ Air conditioning


East Fairchild (Communications Residential College)
1855 Sheridan Road
Located in the heart of South Campus academic buildings, East Fairchild, also known as the Communications Residential College, is a smaller dorm home to budding screenwriters, vigilant journalists and dedicated engineers alike. With four lounges on every floor, residents are hard-pressed to choose where to do their homework or talk with friends. For a break from the schoolwork grind, students flock to one of the two screening rooms, the in-house exercise room or the main lounge to forge lasting friendships with other residents. Many students say they feel instantly immersed in a tight-knit community by participating in secret traditions from day one.