North by Northwestern + present
The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

College of Cultural and Community Studies is on North campus

3 minute walk to Tech

11 minute walk to Norris

11 minute walk to the Rock

18 singles

+ 12 doubles

+ 1 triples

40 residents

Size of a double: 12'3" by 12'10"

❌ Dining hall

✅ Air conditioning


College of Cultural and Community Studies
2303 Sheridan Road
As the smallest and oldest residential college on campus, the College of Cultural and Community Studies (CCS) boasts eclectic, vaguely Ikea-inspired interior design, close-knit community and collective interest in cultural exploration, on campus and beyond. Although located on North Campus, CCS is home to students of diverse majors and backgrounds. Regular firesides and excursions into cultural neighborhoods like Pilsen and Argyle connect residents to faculty fellows, while quirky traditions like Secret Satan – where residents steal each others’ clothes before Halloween – and Service Auction – where residents sell their goods, services, companionship and more for charity – bring together residents for inter-RC fun and festivities.