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The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

Chapin is on South campus

14 minute walk to Tech

10 minute walk to Norris

6 minute walk to the Rock

3 singles

+ 31 doubles

+ 0 triples

72 residents

Size of a double: 18'5" by 13'2"

❌ Dining hall

❌ Air conditioning


Chapin Hall
726 University Place
Chapin Hall is the Humanities Residential College, open to all majors. With its spacious lounges and rooms, clean bathrooms, grand staircase and old-fashioned decor, to call Chapin the fanciest dorm of Northwestern would not be an exaggeration. It houses about 70 students, mostly freshmen and sophomores. Its location on the southwest corner of campus permits easy access to downtown Evanston.