North by Northwestern + present
The Housing Guide 2019

Vital stats

Ayers is on North campus

7 minute walk to Tech

13 minute walk to Norris

16 minute walk to the Rock

14 singles

+ 78 doubles

+ 0 triples

170 residents

Size of a double: 17'3" by 11'7"

❌ Dining hall

✅ Air conditioning


Ayers College of Commerce and Industry
2324 Campus Drive
Ayers Residential College, otherwise known as the College of Commerce and Industry (CCI), is a business and economics-themed residential college on North Campus. Mostly freshman and sophomores live in this mid-sized res college and partake in group activities such as intramural sports and the annual business symposium. Located in a prime spot next to North Beach, Lisa’s Cafe and one of the main gyms, Henry Crown Sports Pavilion, CCI is a hidden gem.