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Slivka Residential College

2332 Campus Drive

Located on North Campus, Slivka is extremely close to Tech, but that’s not the only reason it attracts so many engineers. This residential college is home to engineering and science students and is among one of the closest-knit communities on campus. “It’s definitely a cult, in a good way,” nonresident Kelly O’Conor, a Weinberg freshman said. “Everyone knows Slivka as a really close dorm.”Residents agree, saying that between foam sword competitions, 3D printer malfunctions and Halloween murder mysteries, they have formed friendships that they believe will last far longer than freshman year. Slivka is home to 140 students each year. Amenities include a kitchenette, music room, study lounge, indoor bike storage, cafe, mailroom, craft studio and engineering/science lab.


Vital stats

North campus

6.0 minute walk to Tech

12.0 minute walk to Norris

15.0 minute walk to The Rock

33 doubles

+ 74 singles

+ 0 triples

140 residents

None room (double)

$10925 per single/quarter

$9759 per double/quarter

No air conditioning

Residential college

NBN Social Rating: 5.0/5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

What residents say

“Among the rest of campus, Slivka often has a reputation for being a dorm full of stereotypical engineers, and sometimes people outside of Slivka make incorrect assumptions about us before getting to know us – when in fact we have plenty of residents who are majoring in non-engineering fields or who at least have many other interests, and who in reality are quite social...Slivka's nerdily/quirkily fun, playful and passionate community where everyone is unique and valued for who they are”

Kara Ferracuti, Weinberg senior

“ We have a new 3D printer and digital microscope. I enjoy using both of them, but more importantly I love that our community enjoys experimenting with them too...There’s currently construction in front of our front doors, and it can be a bit loud.”

Joseph Salvo, former Slivka president and current RCB president

“ You can have late-night conversations about philosophy and about the stupidest kinds of scented candles, and those can be with the same people...It can get really insular. Make sure you make friends outside of the dorm.”

Sophie Brauer, Weinberg junior

“My favorite thing about Slivka is probably about how much you can affect the community and make it your own. You can join a committee and help direct and plan programming that you help put on for the entire building. My least favorite part is probably how hard it is to attend all the events that are going on and meet everybody. As current President, I see my exec board putting so much thought and effort into programming for our building and it’s frustrating that I can’t attend all the cool things they make happen.”

Rachana Kolli, Weinberg sophomore

“[My favorite part is the] sense of community and how tight-knit everyone is. There is an excellent support network if you ever need any help!... Sometimes, Slivkans tend to be a little too competitive in IM sports. However, this has reduced significantly over the years.”

Akhil Shanishetti, McCormick sophomore

What non-residents say

“It’s definitely a cult, in a good way. It’s, like, all engineers and they all hang out all the time and stay together for four years. Everyone knows Slivka as a really close dorm.”

Kelly O’Conor, Weinberg freshman

“There’s stuff going on in Slivka every night. They do more things than any other dorm on campus, so if you live there you have a lot to choose from. South Campus dorms have events too, but it’s usually one per week. Slivka has at least 2 per day.”

Brian Nebolsky, Weinberg freshman

“They’re very social within themselves, but they don’t talk to anyone else.”

Lauren Bally, Medill junior

Vital stats

North campus

6 minute walk to Tech

12 minute walk to Norris

15 minute walk to the Rock

NBN Social Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

33 doubles

+ 74 singles

+ 0 triples

140 residents

Air conditioning

Residential college

$10925 per single/year

$9759 per double/year

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