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Public Affairs Residential College at North Mid Quads

655 University Place

NMQ, more commonly known as the Public Affairs Residential College (PARC), is located in middle of the sorority quad on South Campus. Despite this location, it is far from isolated as it is only a short walk away from the the package center, Blomquist Recreation Center and the entirety of downtown Evanston. “The best thing about PARC is probably the location,” Weinberg freshman Brigitte Xu said. “It’s close to three dining halls and all of my South Campus classes.” Even if you don’t leave the building, there’s still plenty to do inside. With a game room, computer lab, TV lounge and seminar room, PARC’s environment fosters the community atmosphere. Residents outside of the dorm mention that it seems like a pretty tight-knit group, although there are plenty of residents who don’t spend all of their time with other residents.The location might be ideal, but it’s also pretty small with only 72 students. “This isn’t the dorm for you if you want one of the bigger ones with lots of people,” Medill freshman Janet Lee said. “However, there are always people and free food in the lobby, so whenever I lose my key I can still get home and eat dinner!” Lee isn’t alone in this assumption: what PARC lacks in size they make up for in heart. An executive board plans weekly events and organizes intramural sports for residents. Every week, students can partake in Cookies and Conversation (commonly known as C&C!), Evanston-Catered Munchies and Northwestern Facul-tea. There is always someone in the lounge in PARC,” Communication freshman Rachael Packard said. “Whether you're coming home a little too late or not joining the daily Jeopardy! viewing party, they’re always there.”


Vital stats

South campus

12.0 minute walk to Tech

6.0 minute walk to Norris

2.0 minute walk to The Rock


+ singles

+ triples


None room (double)

$10322 per single/quarter

$8611 per double/quarter

No air conditioning

Residential college

NBN Social Rating: 3.0/5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

Vital stats

South campus

12 minute walk to Tech

6 minute walk to Norris

2 minute walk to the Rock

NBN Social Rating: 3.0 / 5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

0 doubles

+ 0 singles

+ 0 triples

72 residents

Air conditioning

Residential college

$10322 per single/year

$8611 per double/year

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