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East Fairchild (Communications Residential College)

1855 Sheridan Road

East Fairchild is a small yet mighty residential college that’s almost as far south as you can get without living in Evanston. The spirited dorm is better known as the Communications Residential College, and its large populations of journalism, RTVF and communications students flock here for its location near their classes. Students of any major enjoy the many impromptu movie screenings, free printing and video game tournaments, along with quirky CRC traditions like Radiothon, a 50-hour radio show for the American Heart Association. And although you’ll have to write a short essay to get in, it’s worth it for the faculty access: Professors in firesides last year discussed topics ranging from the presidential debates to the nuances of dating apps. Facilities-wise, CRC is one of the older dorms on campus with smaller bedrooms, but with two screening rooms and always-full lounge areas, it has the space to support a thriving community.


Vital stats

South campus

12.0 minute walk to Tech

5.0 minute walk to Norris

2.0 minute walk to The Rock

39 doubles

+ 31 singles

+ 0 triples

109 residents

14'6" by 11'7" room (double)

$10925 per single/quarter

$9147 per double/quarter

No air conditioning

Residential college

NBN Social Rating: 4.8/5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

What residents say

“CRC is a lovely, eclectic mix of people. We're all very eccentric. But there's a little bit of everything for everyone. Like, we have people from every major, and everyone in the big majors has a lot of different interests outside that major … The worst things? The building's a little sad. We have some issues. But, like, if you can get past an occasional leak in the ceiling or like fire extinguisher dust everywhere, you'll find something you love.”

Katie Kearney, Communication freshman

“I really like that, even though maybe even someone doesn't make that much of an effort, they still get to know a lot of people around them in this dorm. And since it's so small, you get to know people well rather than just by name basis. And it's got a very typically south-campus-journalism-film-y vibe as well. ”

Tavasya Agarwal, Weinberg freshman

“What I think I like most about [CRC] is just the overwhelmingly positive sense of community here, whereas in the dorm I lived last year – I'm a transfer student, actually… everybody kind of kept to themselves, whereas here… having these lounges throughout the whole building is very nice for that [communal atmosphere], but I think just in general the whole concept behind CRC... everybody kinda comes to the events, which is great because a lot of people get to know each other and friendships are formed.”

Joseph Brozek, Bienen sophomore

“I love CRC. It's great to have a community that isn't what my classes are all the time 'cause it's nice to be able to go and do work in STEM and stuff and do a lot of that, and then come home to a community that loves to watch movies together. It's a really cool place with a lot of people who are passionate about media in a lot of forms, which is something that I don't do. That's not my thing here, but it's something I really enjoy. So, being able to come back to that and have it be your common interest is a really cool thing.”

Kate Hayner-Slattery, McCormick sophomore

“A lot of your first friends will be people who live in CRC, if you live in CRC. There's a lot of traditions here that are fun ... I think that the sense of community in a lot of ways is what makes CRC special, as well as the proximity to McTrib [for journalism majors] and to Annie May Swift for film majors … And it's a very good place to have friends, to have people that will be readily available to hang out with [during] your first year of college where you're not sure about what you're doing quite yet.”

Marco Cartolano, Medill sophomore

What non-residents say

“It's not the most clean or spacious place, but it seems to be very communal and very inviting, whereas compared to Allison, which is where I live, it's not very social and nobody really talks to each other … I feel like it is inclusive.”

Michaela Anthony, Communication freshman

“I think CRC is a really close and tight-knit community. And I think part of that is it’s a group of people that are all dedicated to really similar subjects. And I just think the layout as well is really good for people to get together. Like, everybody’s always in the lounges and hanging out… for the most part, everyone’s really nice to each other – and everyone knows each other, which is really shocking, because in Hinman, barely anyone knows each other … so that’s really cool. ”

Xavier Vilar-Brasser, Medill freshman

“At the beginning of the year, I thought that ISRC and CRC were both – I’d heard they were cult-y or whatever, and so I didn’t want to be a part of them. But now, knowing people in CRC, especially CRC, they’re a super nice community … It just seems like everyone’s really friendly, and everyone knows each other and their doors are always open. Seems like a really fun place to live. Like, I would live there if I could redo my freshman year.”

Olivia Prendergast, Bienen freshman

Vital stats

South campus

12 minute walk to Tech

5 minute walk to Norris

2 minute walk to the Rock

NBN Social Rating: 4.8 / 5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

39 doubles

+ 31 singles

+ 0 triples

109 residents

Air conditioning

Residential college

14'6" by 11'7" room (double)

$10925 per single/year

$9147 per double/year

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