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GREEN House is a residence located on North Campus in the fraternity quad that houses about 50 students. The building’s name is actually an acronym for Group Residence for Environmental Engagement at Northwestern, and it was built to promote environmental sustainability and awareness. Its residents come from a variety of majors and interests. They participate in campus activities on green living – and always crush the campus conservation contest Green Cup. GREEN House’s lounges provide a space for residents to hang out during their free time. They also share a building with the College of Cultural and Community Sciences.



Vital stats

North campus

3.0 minute walk to Tech

11.0 minute walk to Norris

11.0 minute walk to The Rock

22 doubles

+ 32 singles

+ 3 triples

40 residents

None room (double)

$10276.0 per single/quarter

$8710.0 per double/quarter

$7773.0 per triple/quarter

No air conditioning

NBN Social Rating: 3.0/5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

What residents say

“I enjoy living in GREEN House because it gives me a quiet place to go back to at night, but it’s located in the greek quad, so I always have something fun to do. My room (a double) is super spacious with hardwood floors. The only thing I dislike about GREEN House is there isn’t an elevator, which made getting a fridge up to my fourth floor a bit of a nightmare. There is definitely a GREEN House community, which residents are encouraged to be a part of. At best you find a friend group, and at worst you get a free meal every week or two.”

Zach Watson, Medill sophomore

“I've gotten the chance to get to know students who care about the same issues as me, and have definitely met some of my closest friends here. We're only about 40 people big, so you really get to know your neighbors. GH is great for me because it's more than just a residence hall-- we volunteer together, to go events, host our own events, and have conversations about environmental topics. Plus, the rooms are like brand spankin' new and pretty large.”

Christina Cilento, SESP sophomore

“My favorite things about GREEN House are that it is a really close-knit community of students who have the same interests, and that it is a very small residence hall of about 42 people so you get to know everyone pretty well. I also like the different events we do here like munchies, GREEN Teas (like firesides), volunteering and other social events.”

Wendy Campos, Weinberg freshman

“I think we have one the biggest sized rooms on campus and all rooms are hard wood floor which is great for me because I hate carpet personally, because you never know how clean it is. The community is highly intermingled with CCS, which is a residential college living with us in the same. In general both CCS and GREEN House are social within themselves, so you would probably know almost everyone if were hanging around in lounge regularly.”

Can Aygen, McCormick sophomore

What non-residents say

“I don’t exactly know what goes on in GREEN House other than low flow showerheads and energy efficient light bulbs. It was recently renovated and in a great location on campus so it’s probably a nice place to live.”

Tracy Koczela, McCormick senior

“I’ve never been to Greenhouse, but I’ve heard it’s good for anyone who wants to live north as a freshman if Bobb, Elder and Sargent fill up before your priority housing time comes along. It’s also helpful for fraternity guys who don’t live in the house as sophomores to live close by.”

Stephanie Bernstein, Medill freshman

“It’s probably one of the better looking dorms. The facilities are really nice.”

Joshua Crowder, Weinberg sophomore

“I’ve heard that Greenhouse has very nice, new facilities that are extremely underrated. I have also hear, however, that many people in GREEN House keep to themselves and that it doesn’t really have that community feel that Elder, Bobb and Sargent have.”

Olivia Rangaswami, Weinberg freshman

Vital stats

North campus

3.0 minute walk to Tech

11.0 minute walk to Norris

11.0 minute walk to the Rock

NBN Social Rating: 3.0 / 5.0

Unscientifically calculated from an average of about five student responses.

22 doubles

+ 32 singles

+ 3 triples

40 residents

Air conditioning

$10276.0 per single/year

$8710.0 per double/year

$7773.0 per triple/year

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