North by Northwestern

Commencement 2019

High, low, ha: NU edition

A Wildcat Welcome "lesson" that actually stuck.

A mediocrity manifesto

I’ve often quit things that I’m not good at but might enjoy; now I try to quit things that, though I may be very good at, I don’t like at all.

And is in our DNA

For whoever needs to hear it, I will say: It’s OK if AND is not in your DNA.

Worst-case scenario

There was always some hypothetical plan that could get me over the finish line just in time, until there wasn’t.

"Did you like it there?"

I really wanted to love Northwestern. Northwestern made that hard.

A love story to Evanston

A cautionary tale about how to love a city that hates your institution.

FOMO vs ‘The College Experience’™️

A recent grad looks back at quarters away from campus.

WTF are perfect plans anyway?

Looking back, I think my best memories of Northwestern will be the times when I deviated from my plan.

My greatest rejection

Whenever I think of NBN, I think about how it inflicted the most painful rejections I have received in my young life.

@thefoodiefriend's farewell

In a lot of ways, my time at Northwestern and my experience with the Chicago food scene are deeply intertwined.