Moonlight Palace

What happens when you combine The Beatles’ rock instrumentation, Radiohead’s electronic sound and a smattering of Kanye West? The Moonlight Palace. NBN talked to Alex Warshawsky, the band’s leader and bassist.
From left to right: (Back row) Weinberg sophomore Ogi Ifediora, Communication junior Aiden Fisher, Bienen senior Alex Warshawsky, Bienen senior Julius JP Tucker, Curtis Boysen (Bienen, ‘15). (Front row) Communication senior Lorenzo Gonzalez Lamassonne and McCormick senior Victor Lalo.

NBN: How did you all meet each other?

Alex Warshawsky: Some configuration of us have been playing together for years in different groups, but this specific group came together for the Mee-Ow show. They call themselves one third sketch comedy, one third improv and one third rock ‘n’ roll. So we provide the rock ‘n’ roll.

NBN: What’s your musical background?

AW: Some of us did rock music, some of us are jazz musicians; we’ve got electronic producers in the band and DJs as well.

NBN: What kind of gigs do you play?

AW: Basically, any dance gig is our forte. We’re not necessarily the band playing background music at a function – we’re the band that’s gonna be on the dance floor and everyone’s gonna be dancing. That’s kinda what our M.O. is for now.

Dan Peters & Ryan McHenry

They’re roommates, songwriters and producers. Dan Peters and Ryan McHenry describe their music as a collaboration between a singer- songwriter and a hip-hop producer. The two understand each other’s musical harmony and aim to incorporate more musicians into their creative work. NBN talked to the duo about their album in the works.

NBN: How did you meet?

Ryan McHenry: We were next door neighbors in Willard and became roommates this year. We both like to write music and our skill sets combine well and complement each other.

NBN: Where do you see your work going?

Dan Peters: The song I worked on most recently is like a piano ballad, so I think I’d like to see us diversify a bit with different styles.

RM: We want to write an album’s worth of music and then bring that music to vocalists and other artists around the campus. We have very few parameters. We want to write the music the way we want to write it and produce it the way we want to produce it.

DP: We’re about one-third of the way there and we don’t have a deadline. I’m a big fan of publishing music just to share it. I hope that people enjoy it.

Editor’s Note: These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.

From left to right: McCormick freshman Tony Leonardi, Weinberg freshman Gibran Wirjawan, Weinberg freshman Nick Rueth and McCormick freshman Vishal Giridhar.
Kodiak Grove

When Gibran Wirjawan, Nick Rueth and Vishal Giridhar met for a jam session four months ago, they knew it was meant to be. With the recent addition of Tony Leonardi, it became official. Kodiak Grove describes their sound as a love child between Chon and Radiohead. We sat down with the band to learn more about their music.

NBN: Why did you choose the name Kodiak Grove?

Gibran Wirjawan: We were almost Imperial Pigeons. There was one line in George Orwell’s “Burmese Days” with the words, “imperial pigeons” in it and I just said it one time as a joke. Nick was very persistent in trying to get everyone to call it Imperial Pigeons. But then I asked the rest if they enjoyed the name Kodiak because that’s my favorite type of bear, and they all enjoyed it. We got Kodiak Grove, which is sort of a synonym for bear sanctuary.

NBN: What’s the best part of playing together?

GW: The whole learning experience – being in a band and writing music with other people. From there, you get to learn so much about other people and expand your spectrum of music.

Nick Rueth: Just playing. Just to be up on stage and not think about anything else and just focus on the music.

NBN: How would you describe your sound?

NR: Post-progressive pop rock?

GW: It’s hard to define because we are constantly changing and growing. We are also very raw. We’re a much better band live than when we record ourselves because we have so much raw energy and our chemistry is just incredible.