The Deuce

Duuuude!!! Mark II, baby! Do you love forfeiting your personal space, hard-earned cash and dignity to spend an evening of your sweet, sweet, short life swapping spit in a poorly lit, cramped dance room? Then this NU staple is for you! You can always count on seeing, among a sea of freshmen, a group of 25-year-old men hanging out at the bar.


Often described as “the Deuce for older people,” Nevins draws a slightly different crew of NU students. Here you’ll find more seating and lights so that you can actually see the person you are or are not about to make out with, and two bars so the wait for your Miller High Life and Fuzzy Navel is significantly cut down compared to other bars in the area.

Bangers and Lace

Bangers and Lace is decorated with animal heads, so if you’re a hard-core animal lover, or if you have a secret “Night-at-the-Museum”-inspired fear that the heads will come to life at dusk, this may not be the place for you. With strict horizontal ID requirements, make sure you and your date remembered to change your IDs when you turned 21.

La Macchina

Oh, you had lunch here the other day with your parents? Same. La Macchina doubles as a café in the morning, makeshift bar at night. We know it as the replacement for the Keg, your family calls it “that cute little lunch place.” The booth by the window where you’re enjoying your meal might just be the very same spot where you almost barfed.