So the final fundraising deadline is here and you have nothing to show for your efforts – what will you tell your donors who expect a great feat of human will out of you in exchange for their donation to a good cause? Have no fear! You can still give that money to a good cause and organize your own 30-hour demonstration to pass the time. Here are some NBN-approved alternatives to Dance Marathon.

Sleep Marathon

Reading week is coming up, then finals week, but this is Northwestern, and let’s be real, you probably haven’t slept well since week two. To show your commitment to personal wellness, sleep for 30 hours straight. Like Dance Marathon, suggested training includes abstaining from caffeine and alcohol for at least a week, but there will be no struggling to keep your eyes open here. For those worried that this is too passive a choice to act upon for 30 hours, keep in mind how difficult it will be to keep your roommate from turning the lights on for over a day! Start practicing now by passive-aggressively sleep-grunting whenever she gets up earlier than you for a class.

Drinks Marathon

Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots! – ha ha, just kidding. Take the 30 hours to finally jump on the bandwagon and start fermenting your own kombucha tea. With the powerful combination of antioxidants, vitamins and natural hydration, your body will feel like you’ve been dancing for 30 hours even if you’ve only been watching a glass of tea slowly ferment. The key to this marathon is to never take your eyes off of the glass! Can you say, “Staring contest?”

Egg Marathon

Given how busy NU schedules can be, when else are you going to perfect 30 different ways to cook an egg? This doesn’t just have to cover the egg itself – think of Block 8 as a great time to concoct different types of hollandaise and toppings for the perfect Benedict. Long time egg marathoners will recall the fun surprise at the end of Block 4 when the sun rises – egg drop! Who doesn’t love a shower with eggs? Rumor has it the yolks will make your hair shiny and the whites are full of lean protein that will make you glad you gave back.

Limbo Marathon

For this 30-hour marathon, only two things are required: First, you must be willing to repeatedly walk under a wooden pole that continually gets lower, and second, you must constantly contemplate the wrong-doings in your life which may contribute to placement in limbo should the judgement day arrive. Think of this as a good time to do some personal reckoning and to practice a party trick that will make you the star of Caribbean nights for years to come!