North by Northwestern Magazine

Winter 2015


Changing the Composition

Jail n' Bail forced Northwestern's Greek life to confront diversity and inclusion. What's happened since then?

By Katherine Mirani

3.8 Million Hit Wonder (and Counting)

Jun Sung Ahn's YouTube fame plays second fiddle to loftier ambitions

By Tyler Daswick

IX in Flux

Title IX was once thought of as the final word on women in college sports. Now, it's shorthand for sexual assault protection. But at Northwestern, is that enough?

By Rachel Fobar

The Grade Escape

There's more to getting a 4.0 than just good study habits.

By Anne Li

Life Advice

From Fencing Head Coach Laurie Schiller

By Andy Brown

In Case You Missed It

By Maddie Coe

Laborious Rats

Undergraduate lab work can be a mixed bag of menial tasks and enriching opportunities.
By Annie Boniface

Lord of the Rink

A former competitive figure skater takes his talents to the Norris Center ice rink.
By Natalie Escobar

Foster Walkers

Nurturing students show their puppy love.
By Celena Chong

Eat Your Greens

Two sophomores are making sonic waves in the Chicago music scene.

By Madeleine Kenyon

Brewing Bad

Home-brewed beer makes chemistry class actually relevant.
By Miranda Cawley

Pass the Porch

The cross country and swimming teams hand their houses down — along with their stories.
By Danielle Elliot

Where Are You Living?

A flowchart guide to finding your off-campus residence.
By Lucas Matney and Malloy Moseley

Game of Moans

Sex it up around campus with the help of students who already have.
By Kelly Gonsalves

Baby's First Gay Bar

By Harrison Simons

Mindfulness Over Matter

Students seek Zen calm amid Northwestern stress.
By Madison Rossi


One writer reconciles his Arkansan childhood with college life in Chicago.

By Clayton Gentry

The Device Divide

From dumb phones to smartphones, we dial in on cellular preferences.
By Malloy Moseley

NU Phone Home

See how often these campus terrestrials call the mothership.
By Mira Wang

Seeking Faith

Religion helps students discover community and themselves.

By Rosalie Chan

In for the Long Haul

The logistics of commuting to NU can be tricky.
By Shannon Lane

Putt-ing Up with the Cold

The Gleacher Center gives Wildcat golfers an advantage and a home.
By Ben Zimmerman

Tree of (Battery) Life

A group of engineering students uses recycled materials to build a portable charging station.
By Preetisha Sen

Rested and Recharged

Taking a quarter (or two) off from school has its benefits.
By Sarah Ehlen

Expanding Housing Horizons

The University plans to shake up on-campus housing.
By Caroline Levy

Revving Up the Garage

Entrepreneurs will soon have a place to build, fail and learn.
By Nicholas Hagar

The Sheridan Shuffle

What Northwestern Musicians Have on Their Playlists
By Sofia Rada

Masterpieces in the Margins

Art Theory and Practice Professor Allison Wade critiques fine doodles as fine art.
By Nick Garbaty

Bagology 101

By North by Northwestern Photo Staff


Tapioca-filled Taiwanese drinks not your area of exper-teas? No problem. We’ve compiled a small glossary of bubble tea-related drinks, toppings.
By Lucy Wang

Uber Tales, Uber Fails

Wildcats dish on their wild rides.
By Elizabeth Santoro