North by Northwestern Magazine

Spring 2015


Finding Solace

Through 10 months of work, 11 rewrites and six days of shooting, one director creates a film with the biggest Studio 22 grant of the year

The Long Road to March Madness

Northwestern hosted the first NCAA men’s basketball tournament 76 years ago, but the Wildcats have never made the Big Dance. Freshman point guard Bryant McIntosh has three more chances to change that.

Quota Of Four

In 1931, four women made history as the first female graduates of Northwestern's medical school. Women had pushed for their place in the school since it opened in 1859, but once admitted, only four women could enter per class. They pioneered in the face of entrenched discrimination in both the school and the field.

Life Advice

From Ezra Klein

In Case You Missed It

Coffee Shop Hop

Find your fix without getting too far from the Red Line.

Beneficiary Breakdown

Here's how Roberta Buffett's more than $100 million donation affects you.

Thanks, Obama

From Barack to RBG, these famous speakers imparted their wisdom on departing classes.

Before you Leave

Seniors create the ultimate Northwestern bucket list.

A Long-Distance Harmony

Childhood friends create music together despite being hundreds of miles apart.

Shiny Future, Blank Past

Northwestern's nondescript campus has forgotten its history.


Lakeside Delivery revolutionizes the modern-day drug deal.

Chi-Town Cheap Eats

Stuff your face without emptying your wallet.

More than a Café

Curt's Café gives at-risk youth a new opportunity.

Summer Lovin’ Had Me A Class

Teach me more, teach me more!

Show Me Your Jugs

...your Toby jugs.

Class Half Full

Northwestern now accepts more students through its early decision program than ever before.

Shit Tour Guides Say

Students bust the myths they heard before coming to campus.

Assess Your Access

If you want to see everything NU Admissions said about you … you can’t.

Blissfully Unaware

Molly has captivated concertgoers, but what is the drug really made of?

It’s Not Easy Being Green

NU's Solar Fuels Institute seeks to change renewable energy worldwide.

All Together Now

Students at MOSAIC embrace cooperative spirit.

'Cats and Dogs

A Kemper RA’s pet is more than man’s friend.

Divestment Discourse

Students seek to engage in meaningful dialogue about one of Northwestern’s most contentious issues.

Win One For Dad

Alex Cohen's love of basketball goes beyond the game.

Low-Key Famous

These students were professional actors before they were Wildcats.

The Hidden Good

A McCormick freshman created a PR firm that uses YouTube videos to highlight philanthropy in Singapore.

Meat the Artist

A Weinberg senior combines two iconic paintings.

TV Over Textbooks

Who needs class when you have these shows in your queue?

Snapping Your Way Around Evanston

Geofilters: Gotta catch ‘em all!

Dillo Bingo 2.0

If you win this game, you did Dillo Day right.