North by Northwestern Magazine

Fall 2015


Out of the Dungeon

One student group works to fight misconceptions about kink.

Science in the Sky

Northwestern students lift off with NASA on a zero-gravity quest.

Made of IIRON

Turning conversation into action, one student at a time.

Northwestern's Mental Health Problem

What happens when we leave our mental health until the last minute?

Life Advice

From Matt Paolelli

Adjunct Professor, Medill School of Journalism.

The Eagle has Landed

A history of visits from the Commander-in-Chief.

Dine and Dance

Discover four Chicago restaurants that will satisfy your stomach and your eardrums.

You Are What You Eat

Real food comes to campus.

Wild Thing

From the North Pole to Northwestern, John Huston explores every direction.

Thought Revival

One professor's historic quest to revolutionize the college curriculum.

The Northwestern Wing

Wildcats take the campaign trail.

Check Yo'self

These locations offer accessible STI testing for students.

The Race to Rio

Two Wildcat athletes; two Olympic hopefuls.

All Eyes On Me

Small eyes have long been a source of low self-esteem. Now, one writer seeks to reclaim them.

Feeling the URGe

NU wants to give you money for your research.

Study Break

Need extra cash? Try these research studies.

Help Wanted

Make that dough, on or off campus.

Beyond the Binary

LGBTQ+ students defy gender roles and find their letters.

Race: Unspecified

Students of color try to carve a place in NU.

Walking off the Field

Former student-athletes struggle to find a new identity.

Undocumented and Unsupported

Northwestern lacks resources and information for undocumented students.

As Close as You Can Get

Football's student managers take life by the balls.

Keeping the Faith

Tahera Ahmad is NU's first female Muslim chaplain.

Top of the First

Spencer Allen brings a new mantra to the Wildcat baseball team.

Night at the Afropollo

NU's largest talent show provides a stage for campus' unsung stars.

Sock on the Door ...

Fire up the stove!

Snow Place Like School

Staying during winter break may be cheaper than a plane ticket home.

Meet me at the Deuce

Take a crash course in Northwestern's favorite bar.