Commencement 2017

#MyTrueNorthwestern in three graphs

Aditi Bhandari was a digital producer and product manager for four print magazines and a Life and Style columnist for four weeks. She spent most of the last four years explaining that “chai tea” is redundant because chai means tea in Hindi.

Over the last four years I replaced my fear of math with a love for data – specifically, data-driven graphics. In my most #onbrand piece of NBN content yet, here are three graphs of my Northwestern experience made with real data. (Thanks Facebook archives.)

1) How many friends I thought I’d make vs. how many I actually made:

2) Proof that inviting everyone on your friends list to your fundy/rager/”study” party really works:

3) Every major, minor and certificate for which I filled out the paperwork to declare it and enrolled in a required class:

Published on June 14, 2017

Produced by Alex Duner

Edited by Morgan Kinney, Tanner Howard and Ashley Wood

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