Commencement 2017


from NBN's Class of 2017

Party of one-on-one

Rosalie Chan

“I may not have found a niche at Northwestern where I fit in, but I was able to create one on my own.”

An emotional case for circular time

Tanner Howard

“I'm here with all the people, whether physically or in spirit, that I've shared this place with. I’m with all the memories and the emotional baggage that this place has held for me.”

#MyTrueNorthwestern in three graphs

Aditi Bhandari

“Over the last four years I replaced my fear of math with a love for data – specifically, data-driven graphics.”

Embracing randomness

Jasper Scherer

“Baseball players might randomly forget how to throw a ball. Forgotten bench players become like the Monstars from Space Jam at crucial moments.”

After four years of college, I finally have it all figured out

Ricki Harris

“I’m sure you’ll be fine, too…”

Modern Love, but about Northwestern

Celena Chong

“As milk curdles, apples oxidize and Frank Ocean’s last track fades into a b-roll, my relationship will too.”


Ali Pelczar

“Sure, there were important details that could be filled in later. But I had to have some sort of larger goal in mind, at least, right?”

Middle distance

Morgan Kinney

“Lots of people fall into this weird, subconscious haze while driving.”

It’s complicated

Ashley Wood

“I don’t forget crying in bathroom stalls and running down Orrington to sweat out feelings that can’t be sweat away. But they were an enriching four years.”


Nick Garbáty

“Sometimes, doing a 180 is exactly what is necessary to get moving in the right direction.”

A balancing act

Elizabeth Santoro

“For me, it was easier to say ‘yes’ to experiences that I liked as an idea. The hardest part was determining what to let go of and what to keep that aligned with myself.”

Published on June 14, 2017

Produced by Alex Duner

Edited by Morgan Kinney, Tanner Howard and Ashley Wood

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