North by Northwestern

Commencement 2016

Did I Really Go Here?

Sometimes, I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing out on what college was “really” all about, and the FOMO would grab hold.

A week in the life

Thanks to Medill and Northwestern for teaching me how much I can get done in a day if I really put my mind to it.


You have said, for example, even to those who once looked from high up on a roof with you at a crosshatched campus, the lakewater so dark and starless it seemed empty: Let’s hang out soon/sometime/later.

Slide Transitions

For me, college has been about finding ways to fill gaps of time in ways that are meaningful — and the scary part is realizing the things that are even meaningful to you in the first place.

I Left College Halfway Through My Junior Year

I didn’t have the normal college experience. But when I look back on how I’ve grown and what I’ve gained, I feel like a typical college student once again.

Unofficial Transcript

I want to look back on these past four years confident that I gave my time generously to people and causes I care about, that I also took time for myself and that sometimes, just sometimes, I got my eight hours of shut-eye.

Still Becoming

If college is supposed to be a transformative time of change and personal growth and mistakes-turned-into lessons, I think I failed.

Link decay

So instead of trying to avoid link decay by building perfect memories and taking perfect pictures and writing something that’s not a mess of hyperlinks, I’m leaning in to it.

On Hair and Home

In that moment I realized that how pockets of community can crop up where you least expect them, and the unexpected, seemingly mundane small things can make a place feel like home.

Writing for survival

As much as I can tell, journalism is supposed to be about speaking truth to power. It is therefore futile to ignore the roles our identities and our lived experiences play in our storytelling.

How to plan your four years

When I reflect on the last four years here – and really just my last 21 years in general – all of the most amazing things I’ve done were unplanned.

How to lose friends and alienate people (and survive)

Know that, unless the Polar Vortex comes back to freeze us all, whatever is wrong is not the end of the world.

On caring too much

I studied abroad and realized the world is so so much bigger than the mile of concrete along Sheridan Road.

Loud noises: Dazz’s final hot take

On a campus so saturated with talent, but also so overcome by insecurity, the ability to inspire our peers is something unique and special and essential.

Lucky girl

So maybe sometimes I’ve been unlucky in my college experiences, but luck’s worked in my favor wonderfully too.