Welcome to NBN's election night coverage! Our politics reporters will be covering on the races that matter most to Northwesten students.



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Our coverage

Republican Scott Walker loses governor bid by razor-thin margin
By James Crisafulli

Reactions: Students gather in Norris to watch election results
By Ellie Eimer

Political newcomer Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz wins Illinois' 11th House District
By Ellie Eimer

Arizona Senate race too close to call
By Maia Brown

Nevada Senate race too close to call
By Chloe Hilles

Heitkamp loses Senate seat after Kavanaugh vote, voter suppression
By Elise Hannum

Cathy McMorris Rodgers wins re-election
By Cameron Peters

Millennial progressive Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wins New York election
By Brooke Fowler

Cruz narrowly wins re-election, voter turnout high across party lines
By Caleb Blais, Chloe Hilles

Candidates facing indictments still likely to win
By Brianna Bilter

DeSantis wins governor's race in Florida in tight race
By Kalen Luciano

Incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill defeated in Missouri
By Alexis Lanza

Former Gov. Mitt Romney wins Senate seat in Utah
By Julio Vazquez

Brian Kemp's lead in Georgia fuels accusations
By Maia Brown

Pritzker defeats Rauner in Illinois governor race
By Mia Mamone

Florida Senate race remains contested
By Maia Brown

Rep. Jan Schakowsky Re-elected
By Maia Brown

☑️ Representative Jan Schakowksy encourages high youth turnout ahead of midterms at Norris talk
By Ola Wicko

📑 A breakdown of the Illinois Ballot
By NBN Politics Staff

😺 A guide to voting at Northwestern
By Kalen Luciano

📈 A closer look at the Illinois Economy
By Ellie Eimer

🎙 Taylor Swift takes the political stage
By Kalen Luciano

✊ Actress and activist Sophia Bush discusses voter turnout, civic engagement
By Elise Hannum

🚓 U.S. Rep. Schakowsky arrested for trespassing at strike for union Rights
By Kalen Luciano

Democrat wins Virginia's 10th district for first time since 1978
By Carlyn Kranking